This is the inside of the second shop.  As you can see, we stay busy.

Whenever we paint vehicles, we try to remove most of the body panels and paint each panel separately to obtain the best finish.  Although this process takes longer and is more work, this is the only way to ensure the most consistent and probably best finish.

This is where everything started 15 years ago.  We now have 2 locations.

This is a 1975 Camaro restoration.  In order to do a good job, we have to remove the body panels, hood, doors and aprons.  This will allow us easier access to the engine and other parts of the car to make repairs and mechanical work.

Adding body filler to correct imperfections and low spots in a body panel

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Whenever we do a full paint job or restoration, we first sand off all the paint to get down to bare metal and then start doing bodywork and filling in small dents and imperfections.  We then sand the entire car until the body is flat and smooth.

15 years in Phoenix, AZ

Collision Repair.  Instead of repairing major dents, sometimes it is more cost effective to remove the damaged body panel and replace it with a new one.

Wet sanding a front bumper to prepare for primer and paint

This is our new second location on 51st Ave and Missouri.

This is most of us.  We each specialize in 2 or 3 skills.  And we are all car enthusiasts.