One thing to keep in mind when getting estimates; you get what you pay for.

We have been doing paint and autobody in Phoenix for the past 15 years.  We are great at what we do.  Call any of the auto paint shops in Phoenix and as them what they think of DM Autoworks.

While you may be able to get a bid that is 15% lower than our price, make sure you ask them what brand paint they are using.  Are they using cheap paint or high-quality paint?  We use higher quality paint such as DuPont, PPG and Matrix.  High quality paint allows for a deeper color, better finish and more accurate color matching.  Next, ask them how many coats of paint they will be spraying and how many passes per coat.  We spray 2 coats of paint and for every coat, we make 2 passes - essentially there are 4 layers of paint when we are done.  Finally, ask them how many steps are in their painting process.  For us, we have a 10 step painting process: first we sand off the old paint, primer, sand, sealer, paint, sand, paint, first clear coat, second clear coat and then 3 rounds of buffing and polishing.  Our paint finish is better than the factory finish on a new car.  If you look closely at the paint finish on a new car, you will notice a subtle "orange peel" texture.  If you look at our paint finish, our finish is very flat and more glossy.

We have so many customers that ask us to repaint their cars because the previous paint shop did a horrible job.  Now these customers have to pay for ANOTHER paint job because they chose price over quality.

Estimates are free.  Bring your car to our shop and ask for Alex.  He has 13 years of painting experience and has painted more than 700 cars.  He continues to paint and buff every single car to ensure the highest quality paint finish.

Paint and Bodywork

DM Autoworks specializes in high quality paint jobs and bodywork. Most of our customers will agree that our paintwork is better than the factory paint job. Our process begins with removing the body panels and sanding off the old paint down to bare metal.

15 years in Phoenix, AZ

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